Loyalty program


The UDS loyalty program from AztecA restaurant

Do you want eating in the restaurant and ordering delivery for free? Yes, it’s possible!

  1. Download the free UDS app on AppStore or Play Marketqr-kod-sait
  2. Complete simple registration (up to 1 min)
  3. In the AztecA tab, click Promotional Code, scan the company QR code or enter it manually (kekn5948)
  4. Get 20 UAH on your account immediately and CASHBACK for each subsequent orders
  5. Recommend us to your friends and get an extra reward on their orders!

The base cashback is 5%, but it can be increased up to 20%! To move to the next level of loyalty system, you need to make an order for amount of money (or points).

Loyalty system levels:

Base 5% (get immediately after registration)

Silver 7% (after UAH 2,000)

Gold 10% (after 5 000 UAH)

Platinum 15% (after 20 000 UAH)

VIP 20% (after 50 000 UAH)

But that’s not all! Invite your friends (click on “Suggest” in the app and show to friend the QR code that will appear on your phone) and get a reward:

5% of your friend’s orders

2,5% of your friend’s orders and

0,5% of your friend’s friend’s orders)

1 point = 1 UAH

Pay up to 100% of your total check, or partially by points and partially by cash.

* Points can be used just after the first purchase